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Hey, my name's Eric! I'm 16 and gay.

My Halcyon Special Edition came 😍 no signed polaroid but oh well I’m just happy to have the box set.

Finish the Fighter Plane Dance Edit PleeeEEEAAAAAASEEEE!!!


My computer is brooOOooooOOOOooOOOOOooOOOoooken and I have possibly given up on that.


do any of you even know my name


we got chris’ guitar pick. as in, he walked over to us and winked and threw it. and lucy recognised us and oh my goodness tonight was incredible it’s 2 am and i’m on the bus crying

Halcyon/Halcyon Days


The albums are so different, I’m going to make two lists.

1. Figure 8
2. I Need Your Love
3. Without Your Love
4. I Know Your Care
5. Dead In The Water
6. High For This
7. The Ending
8. Ritual
9. Don’t Say a Word
10. Only You
11. Anything Could Happen
12. My Blood
13. Halcyon
14. Explosions
15. Joy
16. In My City
19. Hanging On

Halcyon Days
1. Burn
2. Goodness Gracious
3. How Long Will I Love You
4. Midas Touch
5. Tessellate
6. Stay Awake
7. You My Everything
8. Flashlight
9. Hearts Without Chains
10. Under Control


The Fame


1. Summerboy
2. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
3. The Fame
4. Money Honey
5. Just Dance
6. Poker Face
7. Brown Eyes
8. Paparazzi
9. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
10. LoveGame
11. Boys Boys Boys
12. Starstruck
13. Paper Gangsta
14. Disco Heaven
15. I Like It Rough


i miss the old nicki


Sorry boo look at the last ask